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Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

Blue and white hand painted ‘feather’ brooch, choose one

Blue and white hand painted ‘feather’ brooch, choose one

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A one of a kind hand painted and hand formed porcelain brooch with gold details. 


Brooch is approximately - 6 Cm h x 2.5 cm w - will vary slightly between different brooch selections.
The back is fitted with a simple stainless steel pin, secured with areldite.

Care: these pieces are fired to high stoneware temperatures, (1260 - 1300 degrees c) to ensure that they are strong and durable.

They will withstand normal wear and tear - but will most likely not survive being dropped on hard surfaces ie: tiles or concrete. They can be washed in warm water and soap if they become dirty - especially on any unglazed /matte surfaces. 

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