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Skene Street Gallery Artists

Work by these artists is available at 124 Skene street, Newtown Gallery, during opening hours (Friday and Saturday) only at this time. Pick up from Castlemaine at other times can be arranged.

Katherine Wheeler

Katherine works mainly in porcelain, and watercolour/ ink drawings. She takes inspiration from the landscape of the great ocean road coastline, and her 'rock coral' porcelain rings are some of her most popular pieces. She also translates her 2D artworks onto jewellery and larger ceramics, using fine brushwork and underglaze colours. Every piece is an original and hand painted or textured. Katherine especially enjoys making jewellery- a portable, wearable artwork for you to enjoy in your every day life.

Bridget Bodenham

Bridget's work is influenced by her affinity to the natural world, including the bushland, wildlife and garden surrounding her pottery studio in Hepburn. Her pieces are imbued with a strong sense of the makers hands, the earth, heat and oxides they are created from. The organically shaped functional pieces bring a conscious connection between nature, the maker and the collector. Bridget's homewares range will bring a lively artistic beauty to your home.

Trevor Wheeler

Trevor's pottery style is influenced by his apprenticeship in Japan, and has a wabi-sabi sensibility. He uses ash glazes and earthy tones and textures to create one of a kind wheel thrown and wheel thrown and altered pots. Moving from his pottery studio in Geelong over 40 years ago, he now creates mainly Bonsai pots in his pottery in Newstead, Victoria. Using a unique earth inspired pot, specially selected for your tree can elevate your Bonsai to a true work of art.

  • Bridget Bodenham

  • Trevor Wheeler