Behind the ceramics studio- Katherine Wheeler

Behind the ceramics studio- Katherine Wheeler

I have met a lot of lovely customers, ceramic admirers and collectors in Australia at big markets such as The Finder's Keepers The Big Design Market Melbourne Ceramics Market and though it has been a few years now, also Bowerbird.

But for anyone international, in other states, and just because it's been a long time between markets, I wanted to show my face to say 'Hi'

I have decided to use this blog to show you some studio pictures, any news or updates I might have, and a bit more of the making process that is behind the pieces you see at markets and in my online shop.


I make, fire and decorate all my ceramic pieces from my home studio, in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, which is around an hour and a half north of Melbourne. With family, two pomeranians, and a rag doll cat, working from home makes it easier to get into the studio when I can, but also can make it difficult to stop working! I'm definitely known for staying up waaay too late at night.

Most of my work is hand formed, though I have recently been starting to use the wheel to make vases, cups and planters. These of course, will be hand painted /textured later :)

As you can see in the studio photo, I have two small kilns, and have recently purchased a larger kiln- which will be going into a new studio space - details on this at a later date :)

The addition of the new kiln, first purchased back in November, is taking a lot longer than I had ever imagined. Issues with the power supply, and size of the kiln, have caused me to come up with a 'Plan B' scenario, which includes not having the kiln at the home studio. Once everything is in place, I'm looking forward to making bigger and new pieces, and possibly more home wares.

My coloured porcelain 'coral' jewellery (below) are still my favourite pieces to wear and make, and I started making versions of these (rings) over 13 years ago now. my work is still strongly influenced by the ocean, what washes up on the beach, and the surrounding landscape.

Thanks for reading my first blog post! :)

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