Coloured porcelain ‘rock coral’ ring
Coloured porcelain ‘rock coral’ ring
Coloured porcelain ‘rock coral’ ring
Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

Coloured porcelain ‘rock coral’ ring

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This is a one off handmade ring made by Katherine in her home studio in Castlemaine, Victoria.

One 'Rock coral' multicoulour porcelain ring.

Top of ring measures approx: 3 cm x 2 cm (size will vary between rings)

Rings are from left to right in pic 1

Ring size: Australian sizes:

1. M

2. L 1/2

3. N 1/2

More conversions here:

Care: These pieces are fired to high stoneware temperatures, (1290 to 1300 degrees c) to ensure that they are strong and durable. They will withstand normal wear and tear - but will most likely not survive being dropped on hard surfaces ie: tiles or concrete. Also be careful with impact on stone benchtops. They can be washed in warm water and soap if they become dirty - especially any un-glazed /matte surfaces. Keep acidic and abrasive substances away from the lustre, it may cause dulling and scratching.