‘Feather’ original A3 collage
‘Feather’ original A3 collage
‘Feather’ original A3 collage
‘Feather’ original A3 collage
Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

‘Feather’ original A3 collage

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This collage is created from giclee prints of my original art works, as well as hand applied watercolour and or ink. The backing is hot pressed cotton rag paper, or cotton rag inkjet paper. 

Size:  A3 - 29.7 cm x 42cm - 11.69 in x 16.53 in 

Artwork is inspired by washed up seaweeds found while beach combing along the shoreline.
I combine the  textures, patterns and colours found at the edge of the ocean,  with imagery of feathers, leaf veins, mosses and lichens observed  in the Victorian bush.
The result is an abstract image that evokes the feelings of the places and natural objects found there.  

I draw intuitively, with possibly a colour palette and shape in mind, letting the end result emerge as it is drawn. 

*original works will have marks and imperfections on the edges of paper and canvasses. They will be partially covered with a white ink, so as not to be as obvious.

If you would prefer a perfect white background, Consider checking the ‘fine art print’ category, where the images have been high quality scanned, and the background cleaned before being reproduced in fine art paper. 
Not all originals will be available as a print.